What Are the ADHD Symptoms in Adults?


ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This kind of disorder is very common in both adults and children. There are very many symptoms that are associated with this kind of disorder. These symptoms will differ from one person to another. Children are more prone to this the symptoms of ADHD up to their adulthood. These symptoms are very troubling to the parent especially when the child has them in the development stage. The cause of the ADHD symptoms has been attributed to very many causes. Some of them are the drug abuse by the parent such as tobacco during pregnancy. The parent will give birth to a hyperactive kid. Learn more about adhd test,  go here.

The ADHD symptoms in adults are grouped into three, the first one including distractibility. This can be denied as the inability of the person to focus on what he or she is doing for a quality time to do a significant thing. This can be reading, construction or any other task or project. The people will find irrelevant sounds and sights distracting them from their task. These people will not focus on some takes and have no attention to the detail of the project. These people will misplace things such as keys, money and other items. They will get bored easily by some occurrences and will switch from one task to another.

Other symptoms will also forget deadlines of things that are set for instance when in school, appointments with medical professionals or even commitments. One will struggle very much to finish up a simple task. They will take a long time than usual. For instance, when doing some math assignment, where you previously took ten minutes you end up spending an hour. They will fail to estimate the time to complete a certain project. Another symptom is impulsivity. These people have difficulty in maintaining self-control overreactions, comments and also behavior. They act without considering the consequences of their actions. These impulsive behavior may lead to risky situations. Emotional issues can lead to feelings of frustration and anger that are common in the adult. They also have addictive tendencies and will behave differently in situations that are just normal. The will interrupt or talk without control to people. They’re also very moody and irritable as they cannot handle criticism even from friends. These people also have low self-esteem and are not easily motivated, and have a strong feeling of underachievement. Take a look at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attention_deficit_hyperactivity_disorder for more information.


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